Oral Interpretation Webinar

Oral Interpretation Webinar

by: Kirt Shineman & Nathan Steele

Welcome to the Oral Interpretation Webinar, an interactive guide to the oral interpretation events of collegiate forensics (Prose, Poetry, Drama, Program Interpretation and Reader’s Theater). It will take you approximately 2 hours to navigate the entire webinar, reading all the sections, watching related videos, and answering the comprehension questions that follow each section (videos and quizzes coming soon). This guide will help you:

  1. understand the defining features of interpretation events,

  2. identify compelling and/or competitive literature,

  3. research and find that literature,

  4. abridge literature to fit time limit and satisfy dramatic arc,

  5. craft an original introduction that enhances your performance,

  6. analyze literature to investigate text’s meaning and possible performance choices

  7. develop realistic characters that are distinct in voice and body,

  8. effectively use a binder and page turns,

  9. practice for the sake of consistency and experimentation.

To start learning the basics, click here.